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Craft pictures

I am posting a photo of the project I made for Turkey‘s birthday, as I said I would.  Try to ignore the flash glare, I couldn’t seem to remove it with picasa.

Also, here is a photo of what I have done so far of the project for McBean’s nursery.  It’s come out quite well so far but has a while to go yet.  I’d estimate it’s around 2/3 done at this stage.

There’s one modification I’d like to make but am not sure if I can due to the stitches being on the fabric so long already.  In the lower right corner the letters are PQRS from the alphabet.  If I’d been on the ball I would have changed them to SPQR, as a nice little reference to the Roman origins of McBean’s name.  It would barely have been noticeable really, unless you studied it.  I’m going to see how it turns out, unpick one of the letter and see if the fabric is not too marked.

Speaking of McBean, the poor little tacker beaned his head again, this time slipping over while escaping from the bathroom while wet, and landing on the back of his head on the tiles.  Clark said it was an awful cracking sound, then he screamed really high pitched and cried and cried and cried.  He’s got an enormous purple egg on the back of his noggin, which we are led to believe is not such a bad thing as swelling is better outside the skull than inside.  Clark kept him awake until I got home about an hour later, and he was in good spirits, running around madly if unsteadily.  A little manic because he was over tired.  He drank his bottle fine, so we figured he was okay and put him to bed.

I suspect that he will rattle his brains many many times in his life to be honest, as he tends to lead with his head.


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100% complete

Heh, I finally finished a craft project I have been working on for far too long.  It is a gift for Turkey‘s first birthday – which was back in August (or maybe July, but I know the party was August and because I hadn’t finished the gift yet we had to go and find another interim gift).  I am moderately pleased with the finished product.  Of course, the framing is a bit of an amateur job, given that I used a picture frame which is a little too big and did it DIY, but for all that I think it turned out quite well.  I also think Owlie and Pcat will probably appreciate it more than Turkey, but hopefully she will like it as she gets older.

It’s a little daunting giving a craft oriented gift to them actually – I had to think hard about whether I was up to the challenge.  Their clothes and stuff that they sew are amazing and beautiful.  The book that Owlie made for Turkey’s birthday is so unbelievably awesome.

For those of my more craft minded friends I will post a photo in a couple of days, once we’ve seen Turkey and actually given her the gift.

Now that I’m done with that I feel more inspired to continue with a project that I started for McBean which was supposed to be finished and framed and hung on the nursery wall before he was born.  Hah.  Too bad he’s now 13 months old.  My goal is that it will be up on the wall by the time he’s two – I think the completion won’t be too big a deal as it’s probably around 2/3 to 3/4 done already, but finding the $$ to get it framed nicely might be a deal breaker for a while.

A piece of good news:  McBean’s sleeping habits seem to be reverting back to normal.  Clark suspects that it was one of his bottom teeth coming through that may have been causing the issues, but who really knows.  All I know is that I resettled him in his cot last night, and he did not end up in our bed at all.  Better nights sleep had by all.

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It’s late and I’ve just remembered that I have to blog.  A few short things:

  • I got the job.  Finally.  It’s only taken 5 years and 7 months to get here.  I don’t start for three weeks so am planning to enjoy these last few weeks with my family.  There’s a lot to say about how we got here, but that will have to wait for another day.
  • It’s going to be sad to no longer have the freedom to spend long days hanging out with the other mamas and munchkins who have been there for us and kept me sane and McBean entertained.  But I’ll still have Mondays.
  • I have been talking to FenFox a lot recently about feminism and patriarchy (instigated by her questions).  Long discussions were initially boiled down to her summary of  ‘Patriarchy is when men have the power and women are treated like animals.’ (her words not mine!) Some progress today when she told me that she stood up in front of her class to tell them all about it and said she announced that feminism is when men and women are equal. I feel so completely out of my depth with this, but am trying hard to answer her questions and avoid her just taking sensational sound bites and not understanding.  Hell, how can I expect her to understand at 9 years old when I still don’t entirely?  FenFox is a  bit stressed about the new job and told me today that she hopes that I’ll still have time for her when I start.
  • Lazyboo has gotten all industrious and is now working once again on a crafty gift she began for Turkey‘s birthday (which was in July incidentally).  She’s hoping to have it done by Christmas so she can then resume work on a similar but much more ambitious project for McBean that was started when he was just a few millimetres tall.  We also have plans to make some cool things for Squeak‘s birthday too.  Lazyboo is very excited about this new chapter in our lives, but I’m quite sure she is also quite apprehensive.  It will be a big change for her to suddenly become no. 1 mostly at home parent (and a big change for me to let go of that role).
  • McBean is just a little ball of giggles and laughter and mischief.  I just want to squish him all the time, and every day I have to stop myself from laughing at his naughty antics.  He has spirit, this little person, and he brings us all so much joy.  I’m going to miss him so when I’m only home one day a week.  We enrolled him in child care today (for one day/week) and it didn’t freak me out.  I’m ready to let him go and I know he’ll have so much fun.
  • I can’t believe that it’s only a month until Christmas.  Where has the year gone?

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