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Breakfast in the PBX house

Single-minded determination – it’s really the only way to describe McBean’s eating style at breakfast.  He normally gets a bowl of mixed cereal or porridge and some sliced fruit, and from the time it’s put in front of him until the time his belly is full he’s like an eating automaton.  Spoon after spoon of cereal goes in the mouth in a steady progression, interspersed with bits of fruit being stuffed, and I mean stuffed, in alongside.  It’s quite remarkable to watch.

Breakfast is the only time of the day that McBean can be guaranteed to eat with gusto.  He will often have a good morning tea also, but come lunch time he’s as likely to refuse to eat anything at all.  Same goes for afternoon tea and dinner.  Some days breakfast is the only solid meal he eats.  Some days he eats more than I do.  I figure it all balances out over time.

Counter breakfast time McBean with breakfast time FenFox.  I’ve honestly never encountered anyone who faffs around as much and eats as slowly as FenFox.  Some mornings you quite literally have to harangue her for every single bite, otherwise she’d still be sitting there at lunchtime with half of her soggy breakfast in front of her.  It is one of the most incredibly frustrating experiences.  Sometimes she’s talking too much to eat, sometimes she’s just staring vacantly into space.  Reading has been banned at the breakfast table on school days.  She’ll come home from school and take 90 minutes to eat afternoon tea, because she’ll be stuck in her book.

We have the tortoise and hare children at breakfast time, except in our case the hare does win.  Meanwhile Clark is rushing around getting ready for work while I am trying to manage the kids and get breakfasts / lunches ready.  It’s a rare work day when we can all sit down for breakfast.  I am more likely to scrounge something vaguely breakfast like and eat standing up in the kitchen while I do other things, and several times a week Clark takes breakfast with her, a toasted sandwich or some such.

Clark and I are a bit like the tortoise and the hare in the mornings also – Clark leaves getting up too late and so has to rush around to do everything, whereas I allow for how slow I know I function in the mornings and get up early, when McBean hasn’t already made that choice for me of course.  It can take me 15 minutes to get my lunch and snacks together when I’m working, which Clark always finds funny;  I can stand in front of the pantry for long periods in contemplation.  Pantry meditation…  There might be something in that concept actually.  I’d never make a chef, I’m too slow and methodical in the kitchen.  It takes me hours and hours to meal plan, let alone cook.

I wonder are everyone’s mornings so erratic.  I consider it a good morning if FenFox is out the door by 8:45 without too much nagging and Clark walks to the train station (rather than having to drive, which then means McBean and I need to pick the car up within two hours).  We’ll get maybe one or two good mornings in a week, if we’re lucky.  Mornings are so crazy.


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Mmmm… Cinnamon rolls

That was the text message (along with the photo below which is a crap picture because I took it on my phone) I sent to one of my workmates who happens to be American and so I knew would appreciate the magnitude of hot fresh cinnamon rolls right out of the oven.  I’m such a tease, yes, and I enjoyed it immensely when I got a burst of angry / jealous texts back.  Mwah hah hah hah…

I will of course make it up to her one day soon by baking some that she can actually share with me.  But today’s were for a morning tea playdate at the Twinkle‘s house with the pea green boat crew and most of the baybeasts.  Was a fun morning, the kids were all going nuts but mostly getting along quite well, excepting a few little spats that one expects in a bunch composed predominantly of toddlers.  And it was nice to get in some grown up conversation while the kids were entertaining each other, even if a lot of the talk was about such things as teeth and poop.

In any case said cinnamon rolls turned out extremely well.  Sorenson didn’t believe they were gluten and dairy free.  So Owlie the recipe I used came from one of the food blogs I read, the Gluten-Free Homemaker.  I don’t think it would be a problem to sub the sorghum flour and cornstarch for regular wheat flour.  Its funny to think about converting a GF recipe to non-GF, because I do it the other way around all the time.  Hope you have some success with it.

Clark and I thought they turned out so well that I’ve made more.  Kind of.  I’ve experimented and made some savoury ones, using the same dough which is only a little sweet and instead of putting brown sugar and cinnamon in the filling I’ve put mayonnaise, ham and cheese.  They look good, we’ll see how they taste.

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Today I had a tuna salad for lunch.  Now, most people would think that blogging about one’s lunch is the worst and most boring thing to read.  The twist to my lunch was that it was the first produce I harvested out of my little tiny container garden.

A small handful of lettuce and some baby spinach and baby silverbeet (not the big tall ones, the little ones that are more like spinach).  Sadly it all went a little limp in my lunch container, but it was fresh and delicious tasting none the less.

I’m proud of our little tiny garden, even if not much will come out of it.  I have a couple of cucumber (or possibly zucchini) plants that are going great guns, a pot full of lettuce, a pot full of radishes which seem to be going quite well although something (I think aphids) is munching on the leaves.  Some little carrot seedlings, the above mentioned spinach and silverbeet.  Some chili plants – and a bunch of different herbs which are vying for space in the big tub out the front with the weeds that were already in residence.  It’s hard to tell when you have only little tiny seedlings what is herb and what is weed.

And the best part is I have grown the whole lot from seed.  Excepting the rosemary, which was the one herb I wanted that I couldn’t find a seed packet for.  I’ve only had a couple of failures – the zucchinis (or maybe cucumbers) which did push up a sprout or two but got fried in the hot spell.  The basil, which took months to push up one or two tiny tiny little plants.  I’m hoping they take.  The coriander isn’t looking great, but I’m also hopeful it will continue to grow bit by bit and not just bolt from tiny seedlings.

The whole process has been a joy actually, marred only by the fact that I feel like I need to get out there and tend them in a gas mask.  My hayfever is kicking by the time I’m done watering and pulling the suspected weeds each couple of days.

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Food for thought

McBean and I set off intrepidly this morning for a big shop at Footscray Market.  I had our trusty old nanna trolley and McBean in the backpack and off we went.  It’s always fun but tiring at the market.

All the old Asian and Mediterranean women smile and coo at McBean, and he flirts madly with everyone, especially the young Asian girls who serve us at the butchers.

Our monthly meat shop was a little challenging today.  I normally get a similar selection of stuff each month, because I cook a similar range of things – not the same, but similar.  A lot of stuff in the slow cooker, a lot of casseroles (that way they can be cooked in advance and then reheated if things are going crazy, which they frequently are at dinner time) – I try to experiment with a few new recipes every few weeks.  But now that it’s coming into summer, it’s too damn hot for casseroles.  So the meat shop had to be modified to include things to stir fry, and things to grill.

Don’t know how McBean is going to go with the changing menu.  He likes the casseroles, the veges go soft and are easy for him to chew with his few teeth.  Not that he’s eating much in this heat.  He wouldn’t eat dinner tonight at all.

Mind you, in this heat he is napping a lot better.  3 hours yesterday, over 2 hours today.  So at least he’ll be well rested even if he’s skinny.

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Oops number two

I forgot again – I wonder how many oopses there will be before the end of the month.  I’m working on the same rules, it’s still yesterday in parts of the world so it’s still okay.

Clark has had another clean freak Friday.  I came home to a clean bathroom and mopped floors.  It makes her feels better so it’s good in that way, and things are clean so that’s also another good thing, it just makes me feel a little uncomfortable that I’m not contributing to the cleaning right now.  It all gets done while I’m at work.

McBean seems to be recovering nicely – he doesn’t seem to have suffered any ill effects from his bump on the head, and the infection seems to be abating somewhat.  It is definitely less red and inflamed.  After speaking to a friend who has looked after many little boys Clark says that it is not uncommon and is not due to hygiene issues, its just one of those things.  Treat it, and move on.

We will be having the first of our Saturday night bbqs tonight (even though we will be going to a first birthday bbq for lunch).  For most of this year we have had a Sunday roast lunch tradition, but now that we are approaching summer it is too damn hot to have the oven on to roast.  So, Saturday night bbqs it is instead.  Of course I think we have no gas in our gas bottle, so tonight’s bbq may be less of a bbq and more of a Geor.ge Fo.rem.an grill, but the intention is there.  It’s actually nice to have a set meal once a week – it’s the easiest meal of the week to plan for.

That’s my goal for this weekend – meal planning so that when my pay comes in we will go to the market and the supermarket and know what we need exactly.  I’m a bit of an ass about meal planner – I tend to shop and then look at what I’ve bought and try to come up with meals around that.  But then you end up not having what you require and needing to go back to the supermarket 15 times to get everything.

Meal planning is a bit of a running joke in our house – well at least Clark thinks so.  When I sit down to meal plan I tend to get distracted looking at cookbooks or sorting recipes I’ve collected or looking up recipes on the interwebs and end up with a whole lot of impractical ideas and no plan.  What can I say, I love food porn.   Clark follows parenting blogs, I follow food blogs.  Predominantly the GF ones, but a few others as well.  I think we’ve all benefited from some of the recipes I’ve tried.

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I’ve been bad this week

I just haven’t been eating properly. Due to complete lack of energy mixed with extreme nausea and sprinkled with liberal amounts of stress.

So today we decided to do something about it. We went mega shopping. And bought every conceivable thing that I may feel the desire to eat (except cheese of course 😦 ). We are now so proud of the fullness of our fridge and pantry that we feel the need to share:

The pantry The fridge

Notice the abundance of chocolate cereal? I am so obsessed with it. Sometimes three times a day. And we’ve managed to find three different varieties of it that are both wheat and dairy free! The best is the Choco Rice from Al.di Markt though – so random, that place. Notice also the three kinds of milk in the fridge. Goat’s for Princess, Soy for me and Skim for LB. We really are dietary retards.

I truly believe that we could not leave the house for at least a month and still follow a nutritionally sound diet (even while eating copious amounts of chocolate cereal).

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