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It’s over

Thank f%^#ing god for that, I thought NaBloPoMo was never going to end.  Rather amazed that we managed to keep it up (with a minor hiccup here or there).  We’re decided to try to keep the momentum going as long as we can, otherwise the blog will wither and die like it did before – and maybe without being so miraculously restored.  Posting only every second day is not so onerous really, and if things go mad and there is no time then we can skip without the guilts.

Re the sleeping issues, Sorenson having the extra room sounds like a great idea, but there’s barely space in our room for our bed.  I can’t even imagine the luxury of that big a bed – I could go a whole night without being poked or cramped or jiggled because Clark WILL NOT STOP SCRATCHING (argh!).  Very jealous.  Although I bet those two little guys of yours are wrigglers.  And Spilt Milk I bloody hope that it is just a phase and he will resume normal sleeping habits soon.  Unfortunately McBean still sleeps in a cot and so there’s no way for me to swap beds – although it would look entertaining and I’m sure it would give Clark a laugh to see me try to squeeze into the cot.  Until it broke everywhere and then we’d be cursing because there would be no where for McBean to sleep.

He didn’t nap well for Clark today, but he did go to bed tonight quite well apparently, so I’m holding out hope that he’ll sleep through, or at least if he does wake up he might resettle nicely.


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Food for thought

McBean and I set off intrepidly this morning for a big shop at Footscray Market.  I had our trusty old nanna trolley and McBean in the backpack and off we went.  It’s always fun but tiring at the market.

All the old Asian and Mediterranean women smile and coo at McBean, and he flirts madly with everyone, especially the young Asian girls who serve us at the butchers.

Our monthly meat shop was a little challenging today.  I normally get a similar selection of stuff each month, because I cook a similar range of things – not the same, but similar.  A lot of stuff in the slow cooker, a lot of casseroles (that way they can be cooked in advance and then reheated if things are going crazy, which they frequently are at dinner time) – I try to experiment with a few new recipes every few weeks.  But now that it’s coming into summer, it’s too damn hot for casseroles.  So the meat shop had to be modified to include things to stir fry, and things to grill.

Don’t know how McBean is going to go with the changing menu.  He likes the casseroles, the veges go soft and are easy for him to chew with his few teeth.  Not that he’s eating much in this heat.  He wouldn’t eat dinner tonight at all.

Mind you, in this heat he is napping a lot better.  3 hours yesterday, over 2 hours today.  So at least he’ll be well rested even if he’s skinny.

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Sometimes you’ve gotta whinge

Says Clark.

McBean had a bad night last night.  He was awake three times, little bugger.  It’s just getting harder and harder to deal with his night time waking.  Over 12 months of interrupted sleep is killer.  He went for about a week there of sleeping through and it was bliss.  Shame it didn’t last.

He’s really out of sorts the last few days.  He’s grumpy and uber frustrated at everything.  If he can’t do something he wants to do he gets so angry.  And food is a bit of a drama.  He’s more likely to throw the food on the floor than eat it.  And the hysterics on the change table are a sight (and sound) to behold.

Clark and I are finding it all very tiring.

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Not much to say

This afternoon we went to the Rainbow Families AGM.  I’m sure it was very interesting, especially the speaker they had afterwards on gay and lesbian history, but I wouldn’t know as McBean did not want to be in the room and so I was chasing him around the building.

We don’t tend to find the Rainbow families events as beneficial as I think they could be.  It seems that most of the participants (J-Le and Special K excepted) are from over Northcote way and very insular.  Maybe that’s compounded by Clark’s shyness and my anti-social nature, but still.  Also today we couldn’t hang around afterwards because my hayfever was getting bad and it wouldn’t have looked good if I’d plucked my eyeballs out in public, which is what I felt like doing they were SO DAMN ITCHY!


So yeah, that was our afternoon.  McBean went down for a second nap once we got home, and woke up from that in the most appalling mood.  Cried and cried unless he was being held and you were standing up, wouldn’t eat, wasn’t even soothed by the Indigo Girls.  You know he’s in a bad way when you put Despite Our Differences on and he keeps crying.  Eventually Clark turned on the television to distract him, and that seemed to work.  He wandered off after a few minutes and was okay for a little while.  Wish I knew what was up with him tonight.

He’s now sleeping quite restlessly too, little grumbles and whimpers issue from the monitor periodically.  Likely to be an even more interrupted night than usual.  Joy.

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Oops number two

I forgot again – I wonder how many oopses there will be before the end of the month.  I’m working on the same rules, it’s still yesterday in parts of the world so it’s still okay.

Clark has had another clean freak Friday.  I came home to a clean bathroom and mopped floors.  It makes her feels better so it’s good in that way, and things are clean so that’s also another good thing, it just makes me feel a little uncomfortable that I’m not contributing to the cleaning right now.  It all gets done while I’m at work.

McBean seems to be recovering nicely – he doesn’t seem to have suffered any ill effects from his bump on the head, and the infection seems to be abating somewhat.  It is definitely less red and inflamed.  After speaking to a friend who has looked after many little boys Clark says that it is not uncommon and is not due to hygiene issues, its just one of those things.  Treat it, and move on.

We will be having the first of our Saturday night bbqs tonight (even though we will be going to a first birthday bbq for lunch).  For most of this year we have had a Sunday roast lunch tradition, but now that we are approaching summer it is too damn hot to have the oven on to roast.  So, Saturday night bbqs it is instead.  Of course I think we have no gas in our gas bottle, so tonight’s bbq may be less of a bbq and more of a Geor.ge Fo.rem.an grill, but the intention is there.  It’s actually nice to have a set meal once a week – it’s the easiest meal of the week to plan for.

That’s my goal for this weekend – meal planning so that when my pay comes in we will go to the market and the supermarket and know what we need exactly.  I’m a bit of an ass about meal planner – I tend to shop and then look at what I’ve bought and try to come up with meals around that.  But then you end up not having what you require and needing to go back to the supermarket 15 times to get everything.

Meal planning is a bit of a running joke in our house – well at least Clark thinks so.  When I sit down to meal plan I tend to get distracted looking at cookbooks or sorting recipes I’ve collected or looking up recipes on the interwebs and end up with a whole lot of impractical ideas and no plan.  What can I say, I love food porn.   Clark follows parenting blogs, I follow food blogs.  Predominantly the GF ones, but a few others as well.  I think we’ve all benefited from some of the recipes I’ve tried.

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Nekkid boy

McBean spent a  portion of the day running around nekkid -no nappy, no clothes, just a cheery nekkid little guy.  He has a bit of a problem with his little penis at the moment – the end is all red and inflamed and this morning looked quite swollen – hence the nappy off time.  By the end of the day it looked less swollen but still angrily red.  It doesn’t seem to be hurting him, but Clark is quite concerned (I don’t know what to think about it) so we’re off to the docs tomorrow.  I hope it’s not serious.

The one good thing about the warmer weather is that he can happily run around in the raw.  It really doesn’t seem to make any difference to him if he has a nappy and clothes on or not, he behaves in exactly the same manner.  It’s nice that he can do that, and will be nicer still when he is potty trained and we don’t have to run around after him with a pee rag.  Just as well we have wood floors.

Took him out today in our brand new hand me down back pack.  Apart from the insistent hair pulling when he was bored, it was great.  He could see everything but not touch (going fruit and veg shopping at the market with Mr Grabby Hands can be challenging) and it was reasonably comfortable for both of us.  It’s always fun going out with McB, you get spontaneous smiles wherever you go, he’s such a friendly, smiley (flirty) little guy.

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McBean had his 12 month checkup today.  Clark and I both sighed when we saw that the nurse was going to be Irma – last time we had a different (if new) nurse who appeared to be living in this century and very competent.  Irma is a little bit stuck in the dark ages.  Disappointing, as you don’t get any useful answers to the questions you want to ask.

So McBean is nudging just under the 90th percentile in height, and just under the 50th percentile in weight.  Irma commented that he’d always been like a long piece of spaghetti.

Thankfully his weight gain since the 8 month appointment was spot on – both Clark and I were worried that since we’ve had him on cows milk he’s been going backwards, but he’s put on about 1.5 kgs, and that apparently is fine in that period.

A few things came out of the appointment.  Irma was slightly concerned that his legs are a little bowed, so we need to keep an eye on that for the next 3 months and then see a doctor if it doesn’t improve or gets worse.  We also should be aware of his vitamin D levels.  We’re considering getting some calcium / D supplements for both children, as it’s often said in our house that FenFox doesn’t get enough dairy (difficult when you can’t have cows milk and don’t like soy) and therefore possibly not enough calcium.  And as she generally prefers to cloister herself away reading, she may be missing out on incidental sun exposure to top up the vitamin D.  So supplements are a distinct possibility.

One of the things that we were concerned about and actually got a reasonable answer to was the fact that McBean poops a lot – on average at least 4 to 5 times per day.  Clark and I have been wondering if it’s something to do with his fruit consumption, as most of the pooping happens in the earlier part of the day, which is when we’re more likely to be giving him fruit.  Irma asked about how much he’s eating and drinking, and we said a lot to both, and she said, very sensibly (for once) that given his large intake of food and copious amounts of liquid it makes sense that a lot comes out the other end, and is soft.  Which is true.  Something else to keep an eye on though, the fruit thing is still sitting in the back of my mind, ticking over.  You’d think the obvious answer would be the wheat and dairy, but it actually hasn’t changed since then.  But that ticks over too – it doesn’t sit right with me that he’s eating so much wheat and dairy.  That’s possibly  my inner coeliac rebelling though – I happen to suspect lots of people would be better off avoiding wheat and limiting dairy, but it’s easier all round if the boy can have them both.

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