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I was getting better there with posting, but then I got a call from my previous work and they wanted me to help out for a few weeks.  Seven weeks later and it’s been a little hectic around here.  I feel like I’ve barely got time to breathe anymore.  Also doesn’t help that we are down two computers as both our desktop and netbook went kaputski within the same week and now we’ve commandeered FenFox’s clunky old box to get by.  Bring on our tax return and a new computer!

Lot’s of stuff going on around here.  I am job hunting, not as easy this time around, when I’m looking at part-time and set days each week.  Not much around that fits the bill, and competition is fierce.  There’s the larger overbearing issue of what I am going to do with my life too, still unresolved.

McBean has been through a wildly naughty and traumatic (for us) stage, where he was being a bugger about sleeping, waking up sobbing inconsolably every day and every nap and getting up to as much deliberate mischief as he could manage.  He’s now being lovely and practically angelic (for him), he is a delight to be around which is so very nice.  He’s been to a paediatrician about his delayed speech and she is investigating.  Had his hearing tested, concluded he has adequate hearing for speech development, so we’re now facing a full developmental assessment.  More on that later.  His speech is progressing slowly without further assistance so far, but we’ll see.

FenFox is getting more and more tweeny.  Had a little cry at the breakfast table this morning because the art teacher had “abused” her about her poorly made clay pot, which required a quick pep talk from Clark.  Mostly FenFox is so like R1 that it’s absurd, and then, like this morning, she’ll display an outstandingly Clark-like quality, such as getting upset that she is not good at doing something (like working with clay).  The mind boggles sometimes.  You just have to keep reminding them that in the grand scheme of life, the practical application of making pots by hand out of clay is not so important, and that you just need to move on through these little trials.  They get so bogged down in the minutiae of their lives.

Clark is beavering away at work.  She’s doing a lot of training for child inclusive practice, she’s off to a conference in Darwin in a couple of weeks, she’s got some research ideas for a paper she wants to write.  It’s all happening for her.  Full time is a hard slog though, so I’ll be glad when I finally secure something which means she can drop a day.

Election is upcoming, much discussions about that.  I worry that the mad monk will scrape in, somehow.  No matter who I talk to they are disparaging about him, and yet the polls are still close.  I guess I’m lucky that I don’t associate with the caliber of people who vote Liberal.  Disappointed in JG and her same-sex marriage stance, still hope that she gets in.  What’s the alternative in any case?  Shudder at the thought.

Election night we have plans with close friends, it will be her first time she can vote since recently becoming a citizen and the last time we’ll see them for a very long time, as they are moving to France in a couple of weeks.  We’ve know it was happening for so long, but it feels that it’s snuck up on us, and we’re no where near ready to lose them.  Every time we go over (which is often because FenFox is spending practically every spare moment with her best friend before she goes) the house is emptier and emptier, and it becomes more bleak and real.  Hopefully at least the election will be good news, so we can bid them farewell without the specter of the mad monk and the xtian right hanging over the country.

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FF 1-nov-09

  • her curiosity about anything and everything – the questions never stop
  • A funny conversation about boobies

Yesterday when Lazyboo took McBean for a walk, Fenfox took the opportunity to talk to me about her boobies.  She has begun to grow some mini breast buds and she’s intrigued and fascinated about it.  She asked how big her boobies would be (I replied that it was quite impossible to tell but we’d see what happened) and when she would need a bra.  After much thought I talked to her about why we need bras (for support mainly) and that when it started to hurt her to run or jump up and down then we’d get her some.  She wanted to know what it felt like to wear a bra and I told her that it should feel good and supportive but if the bras don’t fit properly it’s very uncomfortable.   After which followed a hysterical discussion about bra fitting during which I related my own first experience an old lady at Myer handling my new little boobies much to my mortification.  FenFox was just horrified by this – the look on her face was priceless.

On another booby note, she concerned me greatly recently when she asked me for a bottle that she could use in her game with a baby doll.  I then suggested that she might want to breastfeed her baby and she said that yes she could find a disabled toilet or something to feed the baby in.  AAGH!  This prompted a lot of discussions about breastfeeding.  It seems to have sunk in a bit – the other day she was playing with McBean and asked him if he wanted a breastfeed, lifting her shirt (she was pretending of course!)

  • a much sadder conversation about uninvolved parents

this one happened quite some time ago but is still strong in my mind.  after another example of when her dad wasn’t there for her when she wanted him to be (I think it was a school event of some kind) we went for a walk and had a talk about it.  We talked about how some parents have different priorities in life and that doesn’t mean that they don’t love us.  I talked about my own experience with my mother and how much it still hurts.  I tried to convey to her that it’s ok to be hurt by it, but that they probably won’t change, and that I knew how she felt if she ever needed to talk about it.

  • her reading – she’s insatiable.  her teacher says she eats books for breakfast and we just can’t keep up despite regular library visits.  we can get her 10 – 15 books at the library and she’s finished them within a week.  current favourites are anything in the fantasy genre, graphic novels (including asterix and tintin) and rereading multiple times her favourites (harry potters, deltora quest)
  • recently she has dressed up as ‘lighting girl’ and a human cannonball for a party and the school wacky walkathon.  she made the costume herself (with some help from a friend and us taking her to sav.ers)

FF 22-oct-09

  • social difficulties.  the playground is ruthless.  i don’t know if it’s the kids she chooses to befriend, or whether it’s something in her but she had neverending troubles.  One day last week she came home and said that her friend was ruining her life.  The next day she came home and asked if she could have a sleepover with the same friend.  This week it’s a different one that she’s struggling with.  I am stumped by how to help her through this and just hate to see her hurting.  and it brings up so much of my own playground experiences that i’d really rather not remember.
  • we played mono.poly with her last night and for the first time she really seemed to get it, being able to calculate change consistently and noticing when somebody landed on her properties and wheeling and dealing.
  • she hates having her photo taken and manages to grimace in most photos.  As such, it seems like we don’t have many photos of her.


McB 26-oct-09

  • is always full of mischief and fun.
  • sucking on leo’s tail – he cannot sleep without his leo and it really smells quite awful now
  • forever sneaking under the desk pulling at wires, typing on the keyboard at every opportunity, trying to make off with the mouse.  he has an uncanny ability to shut down the mini laptop with a few sneaky key strokes.
  • delight at hearing ‘no’ – it’s the funniest thing he ever heard and it seems to just work as incentive to do it again
  • In.digo Gi.rls.  He loves them.  They will settle him down whenever he’s hurt or upset, and help him to drop off in the car.  He hears the first bars of most songs of theirs and he starts grinning and dancing.  Baba’s boy!
  • he absolutely loves being outside and needs to get out.  this is proving problematic for a mama who much prefers the indoors and a baba with severe hayfever.  that said, we manage to get to many parks, playgrounds and play centres that he just adores traipsing around.
  • he got many trucks for his birthday.  and he loves them.  i’m conflicted about this because i hear so often people say – oh he’s such a boy, he loves wheels because he’s a boy and i hate that.  we make sure he has a wide range of things to play with including dolls (he loves to suck on their heads and cart them around.  he’s fascinated with their eyes).  i was very proud of his Auntie R who gave him a truck AND a doll for his birthday!  I want him to be free to choose to play with and enjoy what he wants to, but i’m still very conscious of all the gender conditioning flying around (from the outside and also the unconscious stuff that we no doubt do)
  • i love the way he walks and nearly runs around the house with his arms in the air.  we follow him around putting books back on bookshelves, things back in drawers (he particularly loves the kitchen utensils) and clearing a path amongst the toys strewn around.
  • I am still very much enjoying wearing him and he is always content in a wrap.  Sometimes it’s the only time I can get a snuggle.
  • He drinks enormous amounts of water and sucks on his drink bottle (with a straw) all day.  It’s much harder to get him to drink milk from a cup.  I was ridiculously happy to cut the formula out just before he was 1 (for so many reasons.  mostly just looking at the stuff made me feel like a failure).  He’s now drinking cow’s milk and eating wheat products without any adverse reactions so far (FenFox is struggling with that though).
  • I still have moments when I regret that I’m not breastfeeding him.  I wonder when that will go away.
  • At his birthday party he was so excited that he ran around the house shouting all day.

McB birthday party

  • He is so very happy and smiley and friendly.  He has a grin for everybody and one think I am glad to hear repeated is ‘he’s so happy all the time!  (he’s not though, just for the record)’ and ‘what a beautiful smile!’.  I love that he leaves a trail of smiling people in his path.
  • His only discernible word used in context is ‘ta’.  He has yet to use Mama or Baba or a form of his sisters name in context.  He seems to recognise signs but has only used them a couple of times (milk and eat and all done).  I don’t think we’re consistent enough for him to learn them properly.  He babbles constantly and lately his vocalisations have totally fit into the conversation we’re having with him which is always funny.
  • He had his first painting experience yesterday.

McB 1-nov-09

  • He almost always sleeps for exactly 90 minutes for his one and only day time nap.

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So much for regular blogging…  life just gets in the way.  In short, swine flu is sucky and I hate it.  I do, however, have an increasingly long list of draft posts at the ready so will attempt to actually post more often.  Today I will finish updating – this time about what Lazyboo and I are up to.


I’m still playing the waiting game.  Waiting for the rest of my mediation course to take place.  Waiting for my internship to be over.  Waiting until I get a job.  Which involves waiting until I get over the paralysing fear of even applying for some.  But hopefully, the end of all this waiting is not too far away.  The course ends in three weeks.  A full week of classes next week, a week off, then another full week.  The internship is dragging on but it’s out of my control.  My supervisor will work it all out for me I’m sure.  She’s amazing and I have confidence in her.  So the next step is job search and applications.  It’s been a long time since I’ve done this so it’s a bit daunting.  But also exciting.  I’m looking forward to getting back into the workforce, and doing something that I’ve worked towards for so many years.  Of course doing so requires me to let go of the SAHP thing, which is hard.  But I can’t have it all unfortunately.  We’ve been looking into child care options for the boy, and I’m quite excited about finally making it possible for Lazyboo to drop the bundle a little and take some space to work out what she wants to do with herself.  If only I could earn enough to support us all and allow her to be a full time SAHP and housewife.  Which is want she says she wants.  The ideal situation will be for me to work 4 days a week, and Lazyboo to work 2 or 3 days, and McBean to be in care for 1 or 2 days a week (a whole other issue that I’m sure I will be posting about!)  FenFox has a great after school care program that she is comfortable attending as long as it’s not every day.

For now, I’m trying to enjoy the time I have left at home.  I do have a tendency though to wallow in frustration and angst and withdraw from as much as I can get away with.  McB is utterly delightful and I know I’m going to miss him terribly when I don’t get to spend every day with him.  So I am going to try try try to make the most of this time.  And with FenFox too.  I love it when she comes scooting home from school all excitedly telling me about her day.  I love leisurely mealtimes and watching crap reality TV together and discussing books.  I love hearing about her concerns and problems and issues and am aware that the time when she shares everything with me won’t last forever.

Of course the dreaded swine flu has made the last couple of months quite difficult.  First Lazyboo got it, then McBean, and now nearly a month later and before the others have even fully recovered, FenFox has got it (it’s unconfirmed but probably the culprit) worse than either of the others.  Poor little sick mite.  Interestingly, she first started to feel off while away at her grandmother’s, but managed to hold the serious illness at bay until she got home 5 days later.  At which time she deteriorated so rapidly that it scared the bejeezus out of us and we ended up at the children’s hospital for the second time in three weeks.  Nothing like feeling like, and being treated like to some extent, a neurotic overreacting parent with an exaggerating child.  Why is it that 1.  my children insist on getting sick quickly on friday afternoons when there’s no chance of getting in to see the GP and 2.  my children miraculously improve right when the doctor sees them, only to deteriorate again as soon as we’re home again?  Anyway, I’m hoping that she is on the road to recovery now.


What can I say that I shouldn’t just leave for her to post about if she feels so inclined?  That’s she’s amazing.  A wonderful partner and an incredible Baba.  That I’m thrilled and grateful and very much aware of how lucky I am to have her.  That I know she continues to struggle with work and questioning her future and I wish I could do more to help.  That I can’t wait to take over the breadwinning from her to give her a well deserved break and the space to think.  That seeing her with our son is the most incredible gift.   That I wish she could love our daughter as much but at the same time understanding how different and far more difficult that relationship is for all involved.   That I think she’s adorable with her new gardening obsession.  That I’m thoroughly enjoying the sudden enthusiasm for cooking and baking, especially given my current aversion to anything in the kitchen (apart from eating of course).  That I know that I push the boundaries far too often and expect too much from her and too little from myself.  That I miss her every time we’re apart but I’m learning to not denigrate our codependence because it works for us and we’re happy.  That I look forward to the rest of my life because I know she’ll be by my side.

OK. Ramble over.  It’s not a bad thing with a blog becomes like a stream of consciousness is it?

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News and updates

It’s been a rough month.  McBean and I have had the dreaded swine flu, and emerged fatigued but unscathed as such.  It was quite a nasty flu really, which was disappointing as I had heard that it was quite mild.

Clark is not going so well right now either.  With the boy and I being sick, she was in charge of a lot of the round the house stuff, and its worn her out.  And FenFox coming down sick with something (the ubiquitous viral infection as Clark called it) the last couple of days is not helping.  We’re not sure what it is, the doctors at the Childrens’ don’t know what it is.  Mind you, the doctors at the Childrens’ didn’t think that McBean had swine flu, but he did, so our faith in that institution has been somewhat dimmed of late.

So hence no posting lately.

I thought I would do a quick update on where the boy is at.

  • He’s finally cut a tooth, there’s a very crooked little tooth just peeking out of his bottom gum.  I really thought he was going to be a toothless wonder still when he was two.
  • He’s finally learned to sit up – just in the last couple of days he’s developed a habit of sitting up to play in a rather unique style.  He bends one foot in front of him and one behind him.  It’s actually a really good position, it is quite stable but also lets him jet off at the slightest provocation.
  • He’s crawling at a great rate of knots and has been for some time.  We now need to shut the laundry and bathroom doors, else within 20 seconds of us turning our backs he is likely to be paddling in the toilet.
  • He is already developing a fascination with wheels and wheeled objects.
  • He continues to pull up on everyone and everything, and is getting much more stable in his cruising efforts.  He is much more comfortable moving between objects now and no longer needs to get down and crawl between them.
  • He applies himself industriously to walking around the living room with his musical walker – the songs are now firmly implanted in our heads and likely never to be gone now.  Its so cute watching him durb up and down the hallway with a big grin on his face.
  • He is almost back to sleeping through the night again – while he was sick he just about reverted to a newborn, having to be fed small amounts every couple of hours and waking multiple times in the night.  He’s almost back on track now.
  • His hair has grown tremendously over the last couple of weeks – he just about needs a trim.  Clark and I are already arguing over what we’re going to do with it – she wants him to have cutesy little curls and I would like to save him the indignity.

I think that’s enough of an update for now.  I’ll endeavour to round up some photos and post in the next few days

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Back from the ether

Facebook swallowed my blog (and I know I’m not the only blogger to say that!)  Well, that and apathy and negativity in any case.

But I’m back.  I’m in a really good frame of mind and am going to attempt to resume blogging while avoiding the incipient negativity that made me stop.

It’s been over two months so I think an update is in order before I get to some of the interesting blog ideas that have been floating around in my head over the last few days.


Is now over six months old.  I can’t believe my little guy has gotten so big so fast.  He’s been a joy and a challenge but mostly the former.  He started fully crawling at five months, and by six he was pulling up.  Now he’s more often upright than not, except when he falls backwards and belts his head on the floor.  He does this repeatedly, so much so that Lazyboo is contemplating finding a helmet for him.  I’m anticipating (with quite some horror) that he’ll be walking by 8 months.

He babbles and coos and laughs all the time.  He says MAMAMA and BABABABA constantly, which we have have claimed as Mama and Baba even though we know that it’s still just babble at this point.  He’s adding consonants and new sounds (including raspberries) every day.

He is currently sleeping really well.  Mostly through the night from 7 -7 with a dream feed.  But not last night (cos he likes to keep us on our toes!)  He has had a habit of catnapping for only 20-40mins at a time during the day his whole life, but we seem to have found a solution to that, and he’s sleeping 2 hours sometimes now.  He’s  is a somewhat stricter routine thanks to advice from our straight mothers group (whodathunk it!?) which seems to be working well for us.  Well, better than the chaos we were enduring before.  My ultimate goal is to get him used to a routine so that we can be more flexible, if that makes any sense.

The boy can eat!  He loves his food, and we’re completely enjoying baby-led weaning.  But not the mess.  He loves to munch on pretty much everything we offer him with the exception of banana and lentil burgers.  Some favourites are watermelon and canteloupe, strawberries, baked polenta, baked beans and cucumber and broccoli.  He also enjoys falafel and chunks of meat!  He’s far less interested in his bottles now and he’s drinking less and less (though we are making sure he’s getting enough because who knows how much food he’s actually ingesting).

McBean is completely obsessed with his sister.  He just lights up when she walks in the room and reaches out for her.  He crawls into her room at every opportunity and watches her in fascination.  It’s a beautiful thing to see.  Nobody exists when she’s around.

He has also been recently going through a Baba’s boy stage!  This has been a bit tough for me, but I’m coping.  He seems to prefer to be comforted by Lazyboo, and is far more settled when either with both of us or just with his Baba.  He chats and plays with her and it just melts my heart.  This blatant favouritism on his part has abated in the last week or so to my relief – it was hard!  I like it better when he wants us both equally, even though I know that he’s going to play favourites at times.


Turned 9 during my blog break.  My baby really is growing up.  She had a wonderful rockclimbing birthday party with some great friends, both new and old.  She has relaxed socially this year and has developed some good friendships with some lovely little girls that share her interests, while happily leaving behind other more difficult friendships.  At school, she goes from strength to strength and continues to love to learn.  It’s so wonderful when she comes to me all excited about something she’s been learning about, or raving about the plot in her latest book (I’m so glad that she has developed such an enthusiasm for books and reading).  She spends hours at a time creating characters (and their houses complete with plans!) and formulating stories.  She has an amazing imagination.  I just wish there was a way I could get her to write them down.

She continues to be obsessed with computer games (especially the sims (we caved and let her have sims 1), sim city and rollercoaster tycoon).  Most of the time she’s happy to follow the strict screen time rules but sometimes it all gets a bit much for her.  FenFox has started Girl Guides this year and is really loving it.  She happily settled into a new, already formed group and made some fast friends.  I was so very proud of her.  She’s excited to go every week and is enjoying all the new experiences.

FenFox has become very interested lately in puberty and periods.  We have given her the old classic books (where did i come from, what’s happening to me) as well as had extensive conversations with her to round out that historical stuff.  Right now I’m pleased that she’s still so comfortable to talk to me about things.  I think it’s hilarious though that at least once a week she calls out to me from the bathroom saying, ‘MUM!  I think my period has started!’  I wish she wasn’t in so much of a hurry.  She has however got the hint of beginning of breast buds which is a really scary thing for us!  I feel like losing her to the blackhole of teenagerdom is imminent (even though I know logically that it’s going to probably be a very slow and gradual process over the next few years).

The last few months have been especially trying for FenFox.  She is prone to emotional outbursts that can last for a couple of hours at a time.  She sobs hysterically and everything that has ever bothered her in her life comes out.  She says she just wants to be a ‘normal kid’ which involves things like being able to watch as much tv and play as many computer games as she wants, eat whatever she wants (including the things she’s allergic to) and stay up all night.  It breaks my heart but all I can do is hold her and listen and be there for her (and stand firm by our well thought out rules!).  There’s absolutely nothing rational or logical about any of it, so we are thinking that it may be hormonal.  Again, very scary stuff! We’ve tried to respond to this by making sure that she has one on one time with both of us, and that she’s feeling comfortable with her Dad (a whole nother story – she even said once that she wanted to live with us one week and him the next!).  We have also restarted weekly family meetings to allow us to have somewhat more formal roundtable discussions so we can brainstorm and problem solve together.  It all seems to be working, but I can’t help but feel that I’m floundering and have no idea what I’m doing.

I am taking her to see a dietitian on Monday about her various food allergies and health complaints so I’m hoping we get some answers about all that then.   She hurt her neck this week – she woke up screaming in pain because it had seized during the night.  The only thing that would calm her down was holding her tight in my arms – some things never change no matter how big they get!  A few visits to the chiropractor later, she’s all but better.

The other night, after FenFox had been playing with and reading to McBean, I took him off for his bath and put him to bed.  I was so happy to hear FenFox continuing to sit on the floor playing with the baby toys.  She was chatting away to herself lost in her own world of imaginary play just like she’s done for as long as she can talk.  It was nice to catch a glimpse of the little girl that I know is still in there.

I’m finding it parenting both children quite difficult right now.  It’s a challenge to be able to meet their very different needs simultaneously.  But then they smile at me or laugh or give me a hug or a big wet sloppy kiss and none of that matters.  I love being their Mama. But that’s another post for another day.  This update has become mammoth even before I get to Lazyboo and I….  I’ll leave all that for next time.

I have to put some photos in though!

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It’s been a while. I haven’t really felt like blogging lately.

But now I’m sitting at home and have lots of work to do for uni so it’s the perfect time to start again! I am the master of procrastination… mwahahaha. So I am conveniently ignoring the three major assignments I have to complete (and mostly start) in less than three weeks.

Not a great deal has been going on around here. WB is growing, but I’m still barely showing. I can feel so much movement now. It’s like a little eel swimming around in there. And the kicking is most frequent when lazyboo puts her hands on my belly at night. My theory is that WB is connecting with her other mama (who still hasn’t properly decided on what she’s going to be called yet…). Lazyboo says that it could possibly be WB telling her to shove off… but I like my theory better.

I’m still exhausted and full of angst. But when I think about it, that’s not much different from when I’m not pregnant! I have found a new psychologist and have seen her a few times and I really think that’s helping a lot. Lots of icky painful deep seated family and personal issues to deal with though… it’s hard. But I really like her. She makes me laugh through the tears and she’s helping me to let go of some of it. And she makes my gaydar ping very strongly. Then there’s the Whole Lesbian Sex Book in her bookshelf! I know that it shouldn’t make a difference, but I feel much more comfortable with someone who can understand my life a bit better.

Lazyboo has been amazing through this last month. I was being mushy the other night and trying to put it into words – she’s like my anchor stopping me from drifting out to sea, she’s like a weight keeping my feet on the ground, she’s like a soft cushion to catch me when I fall. Of course when I say stuff like that she just bursts out laughing at me and makes fun of herself but at least she knows how much I appreciate her.

Princess has been a bit of a handful lately. I think it must be a combination of me being much more inaccessible, and Lazyboo trying so hard to make sure I’m OK, and her growing realisation that soon she’s going to have to share attention and resources. She had only the second tantrum she’s ever had (i know this seems like it cannot possibly be the truth but believe me when i say that we are blessed with an amazing child) on monday night and omg was it big! So much anger and upset for usually such a mild mannered little girl. It got to a point where I just had to walk away and let Lazyboo deal with it because she was pushing all my buttons. Let’s just say that the night ended with both of us in floods of tears and LB trying to calm us both down. But yesterday I had a long conversation with her about that and about lots of other things and I think we’ll be on more of an even keel right now. Boy this parenting thing can be hard sometimes!

In much brighter and very exciting news, we only have one week until our next ultrasound! Next Wednesday morning (21 May) we will get to see our little WB again, and maybe even will be able to identify just what flavour (as LB would say) the baby is! I have always been conflicted about finding out the gender, as I feel that there is so much exposure to gender stereotyping that it doesn’t need to start prior to birth, but as the time gets closer, I get more and more excited about it. So here’s the predictions so far:

  • I am convinced that WB is a boy. This pregnancy is so much harder and so different than my first one, that I’d really like to explain it on an excess of male hormones in my system!
  • Lazyboo thinks that this pregnancy is harder because I’m older and fatter (though she says it in a much nicer way than that!). She says she’s not objective because she so desperately wants a boy and won’t make a prediction. She does think that WB has to be a girl because I’m so convinced of the opposite – I was shocked at Princess’s birth to be told that she was a girl.
  • Princess thinks WB is a girl. But that may just be wishful thinking cos she thinks that boys are mostly icky right now.
  • Our donor J thinks that WB is a boy. For timing reasons and he says he has a hunch. And he has donated to quite a few couples previously and I think they’re mainly boys.
  • Nanny S thinks WB is a boy. No real explanations given.
  • One of my munchkin’s mum’s last night told me that she thinks WB is a boy too.

So the predictions are primarily that WB is a boy. Anybody else got any predictions? I wouldn’t be at all surprised if next week we go in there expecting to find out and WB turns out to be far too shy to show us – this is the baby that proudly showed off his/her spine at the last ultrasound and refused to move!

In other random news:

  • my sister’s due date has been pushed forward again so we now have couple of weeks buffer between us – yay!
  • My other munchkin’s mum told me last night that her daughter will be born on October 17 – I’m thinking that she’ll probably beat me to it!
  • R1 has a new job and will no longer be able to have Princess on alternate weekends. This is really sucky – we were looking forward to some us time before October – but we’re making other arrangements to make sure she keeps seeing her dad regularly. And this will facilitate more family time for us while she’s still an only child.
  • My job finished for the moment. There’s talk that there will be more work in june and july but no promises. So we’re broke but at least I have time to supposedly work on my assignments!
  • My assignments have not miraculously written themselves while I procrastinated.

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